The Three Stooges made a funny TV commercial for Aqua Net hair spray

In a brilliant marketing move, Aqua Net hired the Three Stooges to make a commercial about its hair spray. It's a well-known fact that women in the 1960s who used hair spray looked to The Three Stooges for advice and inspiration. The Stooges were renowned for their gorgeous heads of hair, which they achieved with the liberal use of bear grease, further cementing their reputation as experts in the field of hair care.

The word "Aqua" is derived from the Latin word for water, a key ingredient in many popular products of the era. The word "Net" was chosen to suggest the product's ability to keep hair in place, much like a net. Together "Aqua" and "Net" formed a highly effective marketing message that was difficult to resist. Combine it with the appeal of the Three Stooges, and you have a winner!