LA city controller candidate Kenneth Mejia says the scrutiny over his tweets accusing Biden of rape "shows that we are winning"

Kenneth Mejia is running for L.A. city controller candidate. According to his tweets, he thinks Joe Biden is a racist and a rapist.

The LA Times reports that Mejia was a supporter of Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and swore on social media that Biden and Trump were both "sexual predators" and that he would never vote for either of them. He expressed disdain for "corporate loving rapists like Trump and Biden," and tweeted, "I can't waste my vote this year voting for Joe Biden as much as me & my DEMOCRAT friends love him as a rapist & racist."

Since announcing his candidacy, Mejia has deleted the tweets, for reasons one can only guess.

But now that deleted copies of his tweets have resurfaced, Mejia says the fact that people are criticizing him about the accusatory tweets is a sure sign he is winning.

From The LA Times:

Mejia, in an interview, confirmed that he wrote the tweets and said the fact that his opponents are bringing them up "shows that we are winning." He also pointed to his recent endorsement from The Times' editorial board, which praised him for his work in providing transparency on how public money is spent. (The editorial board operates independently of the newsroom.)

"At the end of the day, I'm focused, and our campaign is focused, on bringing Angelenos together by understanding the city's finances," he said. "These past tweets are a non-story, and not representative of what I'll be doing as city controller."

His response sounds a lot like Jill Stein's description of her dinner with Vladimir Putin in 2015: a "non-event." Just ignore that fact the the Russians played her like a fiddle.