Marjorie Taylor Greene denied saying Nancy Pelosi is a traitor — until "exhibit 5" was shown

Marjorie Taylor Greene displayed early-onset amnesia today during her hearing to see if she qualifies for the November's ballot after her involvement with the Jan. 6 Capitol attacks. When questioned about whether or not she said Nancy Pelosi is a traitor, the addled Rep. from Georgia said no, but then had second thoughts when proof of her lie was brought before her.

"You think Speaker Pelosi is a traitor to the country, right? … You've said that, haven't you Ms. Greene? That she's a traitor to the country," said lawyer Ron Fein.

"No, I haven't said that," Greene said.

But as soon as Fein said, "Put up exhibit 5 please," Greene suddenly perked up with a pop of memory.

"Oh wait," she said, wagging a finger in the air, "hold on now."