Marjorie Taylor Greene displays profound memory loss with string of "I don't remembers"

Marjorie Taylor Greene's early-onset amnesia only worsened at her hearing today, until she was reduced to just a string of "I don't remembers" when asked who she spoke to about the Capitol demonstrations before Jan. 6, as well as other lines of questioning (see videos below).

Did she speak to some people about the demonstrations before being sworn in as a Georgia Representative? "I don't remember." Did she speak to some of those people between Jan. 3 and Jan. 6? "I don't remember." Did she speak to people in government about the demonstrations before Jan. 6? "I don't remember." Nobody in government? "I don't remember." Representative Biggs or his staff? "I don't remember." Representative Gosar? "I don't remember." People at the White House? "I don't remember."

Whatever the outcome of today's hearing, should someone with such acute memory loss be able to run again in November?

And more "I don't knows," "I don't remembers," and "I don't recalls" in this video:

And then there's this: