This wireless charging dock can keep your AirPods charged and look sleek doing it

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The modern person living in the digital age has an easier life than anyone who came before. To navigate the world effectively, all one needs to do is remember to bring a few things: phone, wallet, and keys. For some techies, a capable phone might act as all three. One thing not on this list, but possibly just as essential, is a pair of wireless headphones to keep your beats rocking and your hands free.

But what if you leave the house and pull out your AirPods only to find they're dead. Thankfully, this super convenient wireless AirPods charger is here to make dead earbuds a thing of the past, and it's currently on sale for only $16.

This Wireless Charging Dock for AirPods is an excellent desktop space-saving companion that can keep your AirPods charged and look great doing it. In addition, the charging pad cuts down the number of wires you need by utilizing induction charging to keep your Pods ready to go. 

Wireless induction charging, the most famous example being Qi-enabled charging, is an almost magical solution to keeping your devices ready to be used. Instead of using a traditional wired connection via a wire running from a power source such as an outlet or power bank directly to your device, Qi-enabled charging uses proximity to top off your device's battery. Though slightly slower than traditional, old-school, wired charging, wireless charging is actually safer for your device's battery, more convenient for most people, and flat-out cool

Whether you're looking for a way to keep your desk clean and organized or looking for an excellent gift for the AirPods user in your life, take home a sleek Wireless Charging Dock today. It's usually $29, but you can purchase it now for 46% off, dropping the price to $15.99.

Prices subject to change.