VHS viruses! Tapes used to come with bizarre lies and threats to dissuade copying

On Twitter, Rob Sheridan posted some pictures of the surreal warnings that used to come on VHS tapes in the hopes of preventing users from copying them—fascinating artifacts of a more ignorant age, but one where strange things seemed more possible.

Kind of obsessed with the sinister sci-fi tone of these obscure VHS warning labels that outright lied about a "VCR Virus" that would destroy your VCR if you tried to copy the tape. I want to start an extremely niche anti-piracy museum (obv called "You Wouldn't Download a Museum")

My favorite anti-piracy device was called the Lenslok: a tiny serrated prism bundled with 8-bit games that you would hold up to the screen to to unscramble eldritch text (e.g. below) and get a password. You could also use it to see The Others, but more on that another time.