The $10 app that can get your organization back on track

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It's safe to say that we can all enjoy and appreciate efficiency, whether it's our own or perhaps even someone else's. But whether it's stress from life events, or maybe you don't have the time to focus on your own organization, efficiency can slip through your fingertips pretty quickly. 

So, where does one turn when they feel overwhelmed by their disorganization? Fortunately, Agenda Premium 14, a highly-reviewed, date-focused note-taking app, has you covered.

Unlike other note-taking apps, Agenda is focused entirely on dates. It gives you a complete picture of the past, present, and future to aid in advancing your projects. It's multi-faceted as well, offering you a place to write down recipes, to take down notes for major projects at work, to plan events, or you could use it for something as simple as checking off daily tasks.

Agenda's notes are beautifully styled and can include images, tables, file attachments, tags, lists, and links. It can also be synched to events in your calendar so that you can add reminders of due dates to your tasks. And with Agenda Premium, you're allowed to enjoy any of the future updates that Agenda has to offer.

With all of these smart and innovative features, it's no surprise that Agenda boasts a 4.7/5 star rating on the App Store. The reviews of happy customers speak for themselves, with one buyer noting, "This app impressed me more out of the box than anything I have tried in a while." Another user was incredibly grateful for just how much more convenient their work-life had become thanks to Agenda, "Overall, I'm thrilled to have this app!!!!!! Nothing else is like it exists (linking note taking to calendar events) and it's an indispensable for keeping my work organized."

Agenda Premium 14: Date-Focused Note-Taking is available for just $9.99 — that's a 71% markdown from its MSRP of $34.

Prices subject to change.