Bizarre New York Times obit calls Orrin Hatch a "gentlemanly conservative rock"

Orrin Hatch died over the weekend, and The New York Times was in top form in its laudatory obituary for the Utah hatemonger, praising him as a "gentlemanly conservative rock" as he sought to make the lives of women, minorities, and the working poor as miserable as possible while enriching his corporate sponsors.

Throughout his Senate years, Mr. Hatch had been a gentlemanly conservative rock. He blocked labor law reforms and fair housing bills with filibusters, tying up Senate business for weeks. He voted against the Equal Rights Amendment, which would have enshrined gender equality as a bedrock civil right, and he proposed a Constitutional amendment to make abortion illegal.

Curiously, no mention is made in the Times' obit about how Hatch smeared and vilified Anita Hill for coming forward about Clarence Thomas's alleged sexual harassment.

What a fine gentleman and rock!