Hordes of people pelt eggs at "People's Convoy" when truckers get stuck in Oakland traffic (video)

The so-called "People's Convoy" — truckers who are still making people's lives miserable as they "protest" conspiracy theories while disrupting cities across the country — just got egged in Oakland, California while stuck in traffic. And it wasn't just a dozen eggs. Or even a jumbo 18-pack egg-toss. This was all out war between a large crowd of egg-armed Oakland residents, including hordes of teens (they show up toward the end of the video), and the unwanted drivers.

For background not seen in the video, the truckers first barreled into the Bay Area hoping to reach Nancy Pelosi's house, where they planned on littering her lawn with U.S. flags. But the gentlemen couldn't figure out which house was hers, and switched to a last-minute plan B: to harass Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks (D-Oakland) "over an abortion-related bill," according to The Sacramento Bee.

But those plans were botched as well when they got stuck in traffic near an Oakland Safeway, the perfect place for residents to grab stacks and stacks of egg cartons.

In an amusing video (below), people in Oakland stand up to the truckers, screaming "fuck off," telling them to "get out of our town," and hitting truck after truck with eggs.

In one comical scene, a trucker struts over to yell in an egg pitcher's face, who holds their own by screaming back, and then, as soon as the angry driver steps away, the undaunted person with eggs immediately continues to pelt a truck.

Droves of teens suddenly appear in the last 30 seconds or so to give their two cents (or eggs).

The eggstravaganza starts at around 1:20, but video before that mark, as they enter the town, is also interesting.