A look back at Disney's Gargoyles

Since Disney rules media and Hollywood is reliant on remakes and nostalgia, I'm shocked that we haven't seen a Gargoyles reboot. Much of the respect that cartoons now garner was built on the back of groundbreaking shows like this one. Unlike other Disney shows of the era, Gargoyles was incredibly dark and mature—often featuring subject matter other children's shows refused to touch. I vividly remember the episode where one of the Gargoyles shot their human friend Elisa. I can't say that it was my favorite episode as a child, but it definitely stuck with me forever. 

In the video above, the YouTube channel Foxcade looks back at Gargoyles and tries to explain what made the series so beloved. Also, Foxcade investigates why the series- despite its passionate fandom- has become forgotten in recent years, whereas its contemporaries like Batman the Animated Series are still fondly remembered today.