Attempting to create a media circus, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott actually helps some migrants

Greg Abbott thought he'd make a big show by sending busloads of migrants from the Texas border to Washington D.C. When the migrants arrived in D.C. they were welcomed and offered assistance that Texas is unwilling or unable to provide.


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's (R) trying to pander to Trump's base ahead as he seeks a third term in November make a serious point about the border by sending buses carrying migrants (who volunteered to go on the trips) to D.C., but it's kind of blowing up in his face right now.

The only thing Abbott's gambit has achieved so far is helping migrants with little cash to spare reach a city that has the resources to welcome them with food, shelter, assistance with paperwork and arrangements to help the migrants get to their final destination within the U.S.

"I am very thankful to the governor. His help is very much welcomed," a Cuban migrant told the New York Times.