Find out why Nietzsche wasn't a fan of Socrates

I find philosophy endlessly entertaining because there's never a concrete answer. Unlike math and science, which adhere to a strict structure, philosophy can never truly be verified. Sure, one philosopher and their perspective may sound correct compared to another, but that assessment is subjective and depends on the person reading the material—which is the main reason I enjoy it so much. Ayn Rand is no more correct than Confucius, and the potential debates that can arise from that realization make philosophy endlessly intriguing.

And while it's fun to engage in these debates as a layman, it's even better when titans of the field disagree and offer critiques of each other. Through these "philosophy battles," we come the closest to seeing who's ideas can withstand the pressure of opposition.

In the video embedded above, the YouTube channel Weltgeist narrates an interesting video highlighting why Friedrich Nietzsche found Socrates' approach to philosophy silly and ineffectual.