Marjorie Taylor Greene's bad amnesia inspired this ad for Treasonal, a med that "patches up holes in the brain"

Jimmy Kimmel had fun poking "Perjury" Taylor Greene last night, where, among other things, he joked about her early-onset amnesia during last week's ballot-removal hearing.

"The Greene Goblin had to testify under oath for almost four hours where she played even dumber than she actually is," the comedian reported. He then showed clips of the hearing to reveal Marje's spotty recollection when it comes to her traitorous past. (See bottom video for full segment.)

But fortunately for Georgia's Empty G., help is on its way. "She very conveniently failed to recall a great deal of what she said, but fear not, because Big Pharma is hard at work," Kimmel says. He then cuts to this laugh-out-loud ad for Treasonal, a new amnesia med that "patches up holes in the brain" by Neigh-sanex, the makers of "horse medication for people":