Watch: Ohio school board president caught on video admitting he asked 11-year-old girl to strip and "cuddle"

In unbelievable video, John Gray, president of an Ohio school board for 17 years, thought he was speaking to the mother of an 11-year-old when he admitted to asking the girl to "hang out" so he could give her gummy bears and "cuddle," which included a "butt massage" and "rubbing her pussy." He also talked about how he told the girl he'd like her to model for him by stripping down to her bra and panties.

But the "mother," who at first pretended to sympathize with him, acting like girls that age can be so promiscuous, was actually part of child predator sting group, PCM: Predator Catcher Muncie, who recorded their nearly 45-minute conversation before the police showed up to arrest him.

Although the Goshen Local Schools board says the child befriender resigned on Sunday, and although he was handcuffed the night that the recording took place, he was then released(!). Apparently he gets to enjoy his freedom while the Randolph County Sheriff's Department investigates.

The video is over an hour long, so here are some of the highlights:

7:55 – "Mom" and a couple of her "friends" confront Gray at the supermarket for a chat.
9:15 – Gray starts opening up about how he and the girl started talking a few weeks ago about "hanging out."
18:20 – This is Act 2, where the conversation takes a turn. "There's probably a good reason as to why we put cameras in the house, because when she's on the phone and she has people on speaker phone we can hear the conversations, so, you wanna be honest now? Because we've heard your conversations." But still, at this point, he thinks they are on his side, although as the video continues, he is hit with a layer of nervous shine.
27:10 – This is a more sickening part of the conversation, where he actually thinks it's okay to admit to these kind folks that he talked to the girl about "rubbing her pussy." To think a school board could hire such a depraved moron as their president!
35:00 – This is Act 3, where "Mom and friends" finally flip, telling him, "How dare you, John. Fuck you… People trust you with their fucking children." They continue to give him the riot act while police are approaching.

Viewer beware: once you start watching you won't be able to stop.