Deter rodents, bugs with this chemical-free pest resister for $20

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Trying to eliminate rodents from your garage, roaches from your kitchen, or poisonous spiders from your front porch has always been nasty business. From stinky, highly toxic bug spray to hidden, edible bait that's incredibly dangerous for cats and dogs, it seems there's been no sustainable answer to keep your home pest-free.

But that's all in the past. The Ultrasonic Pest Resister, currently 57% off for $19.99, is a modern approach to pest control that uses low-frequency sound waves to deter pests and mice from your abode. This device is entirely safe for humans and pets alike, and it can work in any room or space with an electrical outlet.

It should just take a few days before your infestation issue is gone altogether. And in other good news, the sound waves are completely inaudible to humans and pets. One Pest Resister works for an averaged size room, though you'll need more if you want whole-property coverage or have extra-large rooms to cover. Lucky the Labrador won't be bothered, and neither will you as you sleep soundly without fear of mice scurrying through your kitchen again.

This system has proven effective on mice, rats, spiders, roaches, ants, and mosquitoes. A lack of chemicals means a lack of mess; there are no dead spiders to clean up. Or, worse, a half-alive rat in a trap to test just how squeamish you are. Not to mention, if you have kids, you don't have to worry about locking away noxious anti-pest chemicals. 

"I am finding the pest repeller helpful in my house," wrote user Angela Kelley of Palo Alto, CA. "I HATE roaches and it seems to be chasing them out! It's been more than a few weeks now, and I find these little, quiet, and handy Ultrasonic Pest Resisters are FANTASTIC!"

Head to any home store, and you'll spend more than $19.99 in one trip alone trying to battle pests with lethal (for them) chemicals. Save the headache and hundreds of dollars over time with a small investment in the Ultrasonic Pest Resister.

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