GOP candidate evicted from home after allegedly threatening his wife, child, and family dog

Republican Teddy Daniels, who is running for Pennsylvania's Lt. Governor, is a real prize. For starters, he was evicted from his house this week after his wife obtained an "order granting emergency protection from abuse," according to Rolling Stone. She has accused the 6-foot-four MAGA candidate, who weighs 360 pounds, of threatening her and their child, and even "threatened to kill our family dog."

And then there's the fact that this is a pattern with Daniels, as Rolling Stone reports that his wife is the third person he's been in a relationship with to accuse him of violent threats and abuse.

From Rolling Stone:

In court documents obtained by Rolling Stone, Daniels' wife accuses him of stalking her and being verbally abusive, as well as threatening her, their young child, and the family dog. Daniels' wife initially received an "order granting emergency protection from abuse" to her and her child on Monday from the Wayne County, Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas. On Tuesday, those protections were extended via a separate order from the same court.

Under the terms of the Tuesday order, Daniels is barred from the couple's home in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania, until the court orders otherwise. The order bars Daniels from contacting his wife and gives her temporary custody over their child. It also notes that there are firearms present in the couple's home and bars Daniels from possessing or acquiring any firearms while the order is in effect, and to relinquish any he currently possesses to the court or an approved third party.

In handwritten notes from Daniels' wife that the court included in its Tuesday order, Daniels' wife alleges that her husband — whom the court lists at 6-foot-four and weighing 360 pounds — "grabbed me by the shirt" during an incident in August and "threatened to kill [our] family dog in front of children."

"I am afraid of him and what he will do to me and our [child]," she writes.

And, as part of the pro-Trump Q and MAGA party, it's no surprise that he has the requisite shoot-'em-up campaign ad that no GQP candidate dare run without: