Roger Stone sinks to a new low on Lindell TV, and it's a comical disaster (video)

Roger Stone's new career on Lindell TV isn't going so great. In fact, by the looks of the clip below, it's an utter disaster.

To sum it up: A) He's peddling MyPillow doggie beds. That should be enough to tell us how far this Stone has sunk. But there's more; B) His voice is so out of synch with the video that, stoned or not, all you can do is focus on his trippy facial expressions; and C) Even "Matt the engineer" can't take it, his voice interrupting the show 44 seconds in, asking the pillow pusher to send back live feed rather than delayed feed. But nope, that's too big of an ask. And honestly, this version of Lindell TV's shit show is a lot more entertaining than if they'd played it straight.