Step up your summer games with savings on these light up Chargeballs

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Whether you're looking forward to a season full of grilling with friends or want to spend some time playing sports outside, the summer has something to offer to everyone. And although it feels like the cold weather may never leave us for good, summer is just around the corner.

That means it's time to gear up to maximize the fun you can have this season. And when it comes to outdoor sports (the butter to summer's bread), nothing lets you maximize your enjoyment quite like the Chargeball. This regulation size and weight ball is rechargeable and lights up with a brilliant, easy-to-spot, soft green glow. It's powered by an array of ultra-durable, long-lasting LEDs that stand up to even the toughest use. 

The Chargeball extends the possible playing time of iconic group sports well past sunset by bringing a little light after dark. Users love the Chargeball for its ingenuity and the unique and fun way it extends playtime. One verified user raves, "The kids are having such awesome fun with their baseball. We even leave it in the bedroom overnight as a small night light – the kids love it. Couldn't recommend this product anymore!"

The Chargeball extends possible playtime and enhances it by introducing another element, allowing you and your pals to play daytime sports in less-than ideal conditions. So take home an ultra-durable, long-lasting Chargeball today and step up your summer game. 

Best of all, the entire fleet of Chargeball summer classics is currently on sale. Take home the Baseball PRO Kit for only $59.39 (reg. $65), the Soccer Pro Kit for $89.55 (reg. $99), the Softball PRO Kit for $62.99 (reg. $69), the Volleyball PRO Kit for $89.55 (reg. $99), or the Football PRO Kit + Baseball Bundle for $107.99 (reg. $119).

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