Depraved woman disrupts Nevada school board meeting in long sick rant: "You have a box of pubic hairs!"

A deluded woman spewed perverted nonsense at a Clark County School Board meeting in Nevada after apparently sipping from a batch of DeSantis-imported Kool-Aid.

"Disney is super creepy and weird. California allows you to have sex with kids as long as there's a 10 year or less age difference. That's where we're taking our kids, with our sexually confused teachers who don't have children of their own?" she shouted (see video below).

"Teach your girls not to let every guy cum in them so they won't have to have abortions! Take control of your children! Oh god, I'm sorry, ejaculate. Don't let everyone ejaculate. … Planned parenthood was founded to kill minorities."

Board members kept trying to interrupt her with "All right folks," and "All right …" and "Fol–", but when they finally managed a full sentence — "Please leave the dais," she spun out into absurdity: "No! … Hey! You have a box of pubic hairs!"

Funny how the far-right folks supposedly fighting for "family values" can be the most depraved of them all.