Fantastic 1940s performance by The Henry Miles Dixieland Jug Band

A gem resurrected by Periscope Films — three songs by The Henry Miles Dixieland Jug Band. The quintet made catchy energetic music with a guitar, mandolin, fiddle, spoons for percussion, and a jug for the bass notes. Jug bands were popular in the 1920s, but according to Wikipedia "the 1930s depression and the devastating effect of radio on record sales reduced the output of jug band music to a trickle." The Henry Miles Dixieland Jug Band seems to have been stuck in a no man's land between the original Jug band heyday, and the revival of the late 1950s. But their music still has the same infectious energy of the original jug bands!

Dating to the 1940s, this short film presents "The Jug Band", a group which was better known as the "Dixieland Jug Band" or the "Henry Miles Jug Band" after its leader, Henry Miles of Louisville. Miles worked in an orchestra but could also play the fiddle, guitar, violin, and mandolin. Oh and did we mention he could sing and dance too? He is probably most remembered for his fiddle playing with the Ballard Chefs (1929-1932). The group performs "I Had a Dream Dear" (;27), "Shine" (1:57) and "Who's Sorry Now" (4:23).

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