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Overnight successes never actually became successful in one night. It takes years of learning, grinding, and carefully plotting a course to succeed, especially when you don't come from much.

You'll discover this and much more in this bundle of 30 interviews with successful entrepreneurs, currently 93% off MSRP for just $12.99. The collection features more than 17 hours of interview content in which you'll see each entrepreneur describe in detail their roots, mistakes they've made, and what they finally did correctly en route to becoming the best version of themselves.

These entrepreneurs didn't take doing these interviews lightly and wouldn't have wasted their time unless this information might help uplift individuals who were struggling or unsure of their next move. Their stories are not only inspirational but practical, so you can examine their real-world mistakes and wins first-hand. Maybe they'll help you along your way, whether your heart is in podcasting, coding, art, or anything else.

Interview subjects include Anthony McCarthy (who went from bankrupt selling kitchen tiles to making vast amounts of money by helping other people), Charles Harper (who went from boarding school to become a millionaire in business ventures), and Andrew Fox (who began by washing cars… and now owns a Ferrari).

Hill, who's worked for both the BBC and CNN, focuses on marketing and business and produces radio segments from his elite home studio. Those productions are syndicated worldwide. So, he is the right storyteller and interviewer to get the most out of these subjects.

Interview content is accessible through your desktop computers and mobile phones, so you can tune in anywhere and anytime you need the motivation to push forward.

Instead of guessing your way to success, spend a few hours now to help inform the next few decades of your life's journey. This Bundle: 30 Interviews with Successful Entrepreneurs Course is normally $200, but you can purchase it now for just $12.99.

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