Oh, boy, Sony greenlit another Spider-Man spin-off that no one asked for

Whenever I find out that Sony has greenlit yet another Spider-Man spin-off in their ill-conceived desire to create a Spider-Man-centric universe adjacent to the MCU, I'm reminded of that "fetch" scene from Mean Girls. "Sony, stop trying to make a Spider-Man universe happen. It's not going to happen."

Hot off the heels of Morbius getting eviscerated by critics, Sony just announced that they're making an El Muerto spin-off film starring Latin rap sensation Bad Bunny. Now, you may have a few questions after reading that sentence. Chief among those questions being, "who is El Muerto?"

In the comics, El Muerto is a super-powered wrestler who has had their mask and abilities passed down through the generations. To become worthy, new wrestlers would need to prove themselves against El Dorado. Juan-Carlos Estrada Sanchez was one of these chosen descendents, but he was unable to fight El Dorado when his father Marcus Estrada presented him. As a result, Marcus sacrificed himself to save his son.

Following the tragic death, El Dorado would give Juan-Carlos ten years to become stronger to face him again and earn the right to become El Muerto.

Outside of his thriving rap career, Bad Bunny has spent countless hours in the WWE and even wrestled at Wrestlemania. Also, El Muerto won't be Bunny's first movie role either, as he's set to appear in the new movie Bullet Train. At least on the surface, Bad Bunny has all of the tangibles necessary to anchor this flick, but—given Sony's track record—whether the film is going to be successful or not is anyone's guess. El Muerto is set to debut on January 12, 2024.