On this date: The Simpsons eclipsed Gunsmoke in episodes

Regardless of how much diehard Simpsons fans protest, The Simpsons will seemingly never stop running. Due to the sharp decline in quality over the last-checks notes- twenty years, former fans of Springfield's favorite family have begun to refer to the show's current state as "zombie Simpsons." And despite having to remove several classic characters who have since been deemed insensitive, "zombie Simpsons" will probably march forward until the heat death of the universe. 

However, there was a period when almost everyone was rooting for The Simpsons. In the 90s, several fans of the franchise probably found themselves saying, "I could watch this show forever." Taking fans at their word, Fox allowed The Simpsons to reach a historic 636 episodes on this date back in 2018. With their 636th episode, the Simpsons finally shattered Gunsmoke's record for the longest-running scripted primetime series. For those that are curious, as of the time of writing this article, The Simpsons episode count currently sits at 724.