Police in Enid, Oklahoma refused to arrest woman filmed yelling racial slurs and slapping teen worker in pizza joint

Despite video footage of Rachel Lee Scheuerman calling a 17-year-old restaurant worker a "fucking n—–" and slapping him across the face, police in Enid, Oklahoma refused to arrest her, claiming they couldn't do so unless an officer had personally observed the crime. The local district attorney's office ultimately investigated by itself and issued an arrest warrant, forcing the department to act weeks later.

"I harassed him like I always do," the woman reportedly said.

"They had the video. The Police Department had it. Little Caesar's had it," said Kelly. "How many people do you have to talk about when you see the person, that is now the defendant, doing everything that the victim said happened to him. … These types of cases would not have taken that long if the parties would have been reversed," said Kelly.

The Black Wall Street Times has a more detailed transcript of the encounter and assault.

You're probably wondering about the peculiar mugshot on this post. Well, the booking photo is a minimum-quality JPEG file, 156 pixels wide. Rather than zooming and "sharpening" and all the other tricks that media usually do to make something like this publishable (e.g. below), I though it more illustrative to first post it as it was made available.