Post an anonymous voicemail on this website for the world to hear

Post Secret Voicemail is a website where you can click through a list of digital cassette tapes to hear voicemails that strangers have left for anyone to hear. Reading a typed-out message can lack certain nuances and a level of intimacy that is only apparent when hearing someone's actual voice. I almost feel as if I'm eavesdropping when on this site since I'm so used to only coming across anonymous messages that exist in a typed-out format. The number to call and leave a message is posted at the top of the site and is +1(877)-379-5745. 

From the site:

Post Secret Voicemail (PSVM) is a platform where people can anonymously share any message that they want with the world literally in their own words, and voice. All social platforms today, Facebook, Instagram, and others are based on visual interaction. You see a video, read someones comment etc. We wanted to humanize interactions instead of just being another profile on a page. We believe you're able to connect more to someone by leaving everything else out and just, listening. By adding in total anonymity, it allows us to be more honest and open and say things we might not usually say if people knew who we were. When you hear someone's words in their own voice, with no visual bias (no profile or picture to attach them to) you only know them by their message, by their words.