Add this gel to toilet paper for a flushable wipe

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You wouldn't use a dry wipe to try and remove chocolate sauce off your hands, would you? That's the crux of the argument for switching to wet wipes when it comes time to tidy up after finishing your business in the bathroom. One of the companies leading the charge to a more sensitive and sanitary cleaning of your bum is Satu.  

Satu's Toilet Paper Gel with Vitamin E is all you need to start cleaning your behind the right way. This isn't your standard wet wipe. To use Satu, just apply it to the toilet paper you already use at home. Simply add a small amount of gel to any type of toilet paper and instantly transform it into an environmentally conscious wet wipe. Plus, the soothing gel is very approachably priced at only $12.99 a bottle for a limited time 

Satu's gel works in conjunction with the toilet paper you already own. Simply add a small amount to your toilet paper, and voila. You have a soothing, vitamin E enriched wet wipe that's easy to use. One bottle of Satu's Gel can fill up to 40 rolls of toilet paper or up to a three-month supply of daily use. This offers a couple of benefits. First, you won't have to rely on wipes that aren't good for the environment. Also, you shouldn't have to worry about doing a number on your plumbing.

Those who have switched to using a wiping gel over dry toilet paper appreciate both the ease of use and longevity of a single bottle of Satu. One verified customer on Amazon raves, "I started using this when I learned that the moist wipes I'd been using were bad for the environment. I also tested a foam that you spray onto the toilet paper, and SATU gel was better. It leaves me feeling fresher than the moist wipes." 

Join the ranks of those who have already switched from a dry wipe in the bathroom to a cleaner, more soothing, and eco-friendly Toilet Paper Gel with Vitamin E from Satu, now just $12.99.

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