Today is The Rock's birthday

My wrestling obsession developed later than most, as I didn't fall in love with the WWE until my early teens. Before that point, I only knew about wrestlers from their cultural omnipresence. If a wrestler didn't transcend the squared circle and elevate themselves into the cultural zeitgeist, I didn't know about them. So, when I finally dropped my aversions to pro wrestling, I became intensely curious about the legendary "Rock."

Within the first fifteen minutes of my very first Rock segment, I became a fan for life, and I mean that without a shred of hyperbole. I've seen every Rock movie, I frequently buy his energy drink, and I memorized his rap song the first day I heard it. Not his meme-worthy ditty "face-off" featuring Tech N9ne; I'm talking about his first rap song with hip hop pioneer Slick Rick.

For decades, the Rock has remained a constant in my life, so I wanted to give the jabroni beating, Hollywood A-lister some love on his birthday. The clip featured above is a brilliant example of how entertaining the Rock was before he fully migrated to Tinseltown.