A game terrain professional shares his ten best modeling tips

For those of us who do tabletop gaming, trying to find more effective and quicker ways of getting our miniatures and terrain pieces painted and on the board is a constant learning process. I've been playing these games for most of my adult life (on and off), and I have also covered the gaming world professionally, and I'm always finding new and better ways of doing things.

Case in point is this Zorpazorp video on ten methods of terrain modeling that he thinks are the best. One of the biggest aha ideas for me was adding materials (sand, rubble, grasses) to bases and terrain pieces after painting for greater realism. I've always done the opposite (fully base, prime, paint). The other idea that seems all the rage these days is using oil washes instead of acrylics to add aging, weathering, etc. And the way he creates realistic rock colors by splashing on oil washes of different colors is a real eye-opener.

Image: Screengrab