Grindr has been selling precise location data on its userbase since 2017

The Wall Street Journal reports that dating app Grindr has been selling its user's location data to advertising networks, and apparently employers, since 2017. Users of this application should beware, however, it seems far too late to do much but wait for the class action lawsuit.

Dating apps have a history of data leaks, and hacks, but this is an outright sale of data they claim is not for sale.

Evidently, Grinder has also sold the info to a Catholic publication that used it to hunt down a Catholic bishop and have him fired.


Last year, a Catholic publication called the Pillar said it obtained commercially available data that allowed it to track Grindr usage by individuals. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said one of its senior officials resigned from his post after being approached about the findings identifying him as a user of the app.