Say hello to "Tropicana Crunch"

There's been a debate that has engulfed the world of breakfast cereal for decades. You can boil the entire clash of perspectives down to one question: do you pour cereal before the milk or after? Now, obviously, the answer is purely subjective. If you want a bowl of cereal that tastes delicious and retains its crunch, you go with the former. And if devouring mushy slop is your preference, you opt for the latter.

Even though the battle between the two camps has been fierce, both sides developed a mutual admiration for the other. I would be remiss to call the shaky truce peaceful, but it was a truce nonetheless. Now, there's a new agent of chaos that aims to tear the delicate peace we spent years brokering asunder. Earlier this week, Tropicana unveiled a new cereal that's designed to take orange juice as opposed to milk. May God have mercy on us all.

Tropicana Crunch, a crispy honey almond cereal, will be available starting May 4, which also happens to be National Orange Juice Day.

"Prepare your mind and cereal bowl for an unforgettable breakfast experience," the juice company says on its website.

The cereal box features a smiling orange holding a spoon and orange juice being poured into a bowl of almond cereal. It also comes with a paper straw.

Tropicana admits the combination of cereal and orange juice might not be for everyone, but says it's worth a try.

"Because whether you hate it or love it, you won't know until you try it," Tropicana says. "It may not be for everyone (but it could be for you!)."

t's unclear whether Tropicana Crunch will be a temporary offering or a mainstay in the cereal aisle. But it isn't the first oddball offering by the company.

In November, Tropicana unveiled a limited-edition toothpaste it promised wouldn't ruin the taste of OJ.