Watch: Mike Huckabee promotes his "free" Trump guide for kids but it's actually a scam

Former preacher Mike Huckabee idolizes pussy-grabber Donald Trump to such a degree, he is now peddling his book The Kids Guide to President Trump in a video ad tweeted by Aaron Rupar and seen on Fox News (see below). Not only does the book "teach kids all about Trump's [anti-democratic] accomplishments and his [fascist] vision of America," Huckabee says, but he wants you to "have it for free."

Which, in con artist Huckabee's world, means you'll actually be duped into paying $21.90 for the indoctrinating "bundle" it comes with, plus an extra $6.49 per month for his EverBright Kids propaganda magazine, according to Huckabee's own site that promotes his Trump bible. But of course, belonging to a cult never comes for free.