Check out this Doctor Who audiobook read by David Tennant

The only problem with Doctor Who is that there's not nearly enough of it. Once you work through the show's meager 39 seasons with 870 episodes spread across 60 years, you'll still be craving another helping of Timelord brilliance. Such is the curse of being a Doctor Who fan. Luckily, there's more than enough auxiliary content to slake even the most die-hard fan's thirst for the time travel shenanigans.

Aside from the fantastic audio adventures produced by Big Finish, which allow several former Doctors and companions to reprise their roles, there are many quality comics and books that expand the Doctor Who universe. Since Doctor Who has been around for decades, the show has influenced several prominent science fiction authors that have eventually gone on to write BBC-approved adventures for the gallant Timelord.

In the video embedded above, esteemed science-fiction novelist and comic book writer Dan Abnett pens a thrilling Doctor Who adventure read by David Tennant.