Kick your design game and efficiency up a notch with this $19 tool

There are few in this world more talented than designers when it comes to ingenuity and style. And while natural talent and artistry are a massive necessity for what makes creative types, having the right tools can prevent a good creator from feeling like this.

So let's say that you already have a Mac or PC and want to upgrade your convenience levels. Where can you turn? Fortunately, EpicRuler for Mac and Windows might help you step your design utilities to the next level

EpicRuler offers a set of design utility tools for Mac and Windows that provides measurement, guideline, and color picker tools for designers and front-end developers to aid with convenience and workflow. Users can access EpicRuler's features in the menubar, hide-able toolbar, or through shortcuts that you can customize. With the ruler itself, users can measure padding, margin, and whitespace between elements and measure the width and height of any object.

EpicRuler also lets users take professional-looking screenshots, which they can easily share with their entire team by dragging and dropping them wherever they need to go. Best of all, you can add professional-looking comments and avoid those unsightly red arrows and texts you are all too familiar with. 

The features mentioned above (plus many more) make it no surprise that EpicRuler has a stunning 5 out of 5-star review on Gumroad. The reviews amongst individuals are just as impressive, with one graphic designer named Jaime stating, "As a graphic designer and production coordinator, using a ruler has been an absolute game changer for my day to day work flow. Combining multiple functions into one helpful tool has saved me so much time and frustration."

Epic Ruler for Mac and Windows: One-Time Purchase is available right now for only $19 — that's a 34% markdown from its MSRP of $29.

Prices subject to change.