Listen to the disco version of the Theme From Close Encounters of the Third Kind

As a result of Star Wars-related "May the 4th be with you" festivities, Meco's classic Star Wars disco album went viral and gave us another round of quickly-forgotten ironic internet jauntiness. I thought it would be nice to point out that there was also a disco version of Theme From Close Encounters of the Third Kind, where the disco rythyms are even less compatible with the source material, resulting in the ultimate 1970s relish tray of incongruous instrumentations and syncopation.

Sadly, Alien lacked a distinctive discoable motif (scoffing? you may be thinking of Khachaturian's Gayane Ballet Suite, as threaded into James Horner's score for Aliens) depriving us of a late-1970s sci-fi blockbuster disco trifecta.

UPDATE: The above embed isn't Meco. This is Meco: