Van of bozos "dressed as clowns and playing creepy music" terrorizing UK town

A van with multiple men "dressed as clowns and playing creepy music" has reportedly been rolling through the UK town of Laindon terrifying citizens. Could it be juggalos or something much, much more nefarious? From Echo News:

Multiple residents have now taken to social media to say they have heard the "creepy music", like something out of a horror film, being played in Laindon and Langdon Hills at night.

The resident said: "I just want anyone is travelling around Laindon late at night to please be careful, as I have been followed by four men in a van, who looked like they were wearing clown costumes.

"I started to run as they were following me, and eventually managed to get away.

"They also had a massive speaker on top of the van which was playing creepy music.