Woman with a disability asks to be euthanized after being denied accessible housing again

From CTV News in Canada:

A 31-year-old Toronto woman who uses a wheelchair is nearing final approval for a medically assisted death request after a fruitless bid to secure an affordable apartment that doesn't worsen her chronic illnesses.


She desperately wants to move to an apartment that's wheelchair accessible and has cleaner air. But her only income is from Ontario's Disability Support Program (ODSP). She receives a total of $1,169 a month plus $50 for a special diet. "I've applied for MAiD [Medical Aid in Dying] essentially…because of abject poverty," she said.

I've heard plenty of people with disabilities say that their governments either want them to die, or don't care if they die. I did not expect that someone would have to jump through bureaucratic hoops in order to ask the government that refuses to house them to also kill them. JFC.

Woman with disabilities nears medically assisted death after futile bid for affordable housing [Avis Favaro / CTV News]

Image: Public Domain via PxHere