NFT ape holders can actually use multiple NFT slurp juices, and also might be racist

Thanks to Taylor Lorenz, the Lord Baroness of Internet Meme Culture, I finally get it: you can use multiple slurp juices on a single ape in order to mint more Astro Apes!

You might be asking yourself "What the fuck?" to which I would answer "NFTs, baby." RareCandy, which made the original tweet, is an NFT marketplace where they "mint fresh vibes" — including, apparently, apes with slurp juices. A single slurp juice will cost you anywhere from 1.71BSV (~$134USD today) to 350BSV (~$27,600USD today).

You might still be asking yourself "What the fuck?" but it's not like any of this makes any less sense than anything else involving NFTs.

To add more absurdity to injury: days after the "y'all don't get it" tweet started getting attention, the slurp juice got milkshake duck'd. From Input Mag:

The account behind the original "slurp juice ape" post had some very unsavory associations. Although publicly denying this, a trail of receipts appears to indicate a far-ranging web of crypto-fascist sympathizers and racist edgelord trolls, all operating on the nihilistic spectrum that makes it difficult to separate bad taste humor from actual violent ideology.


On Wednesday, CoinYeezy even went so far as to tweet, "wait till [sic] the blue hairs realize that slurp juice is just dog whistling for white supremacist misogyny," the term "blue hairs" referring to feminists who dye their hair. CoinYeezy has similarly retweeted or liked similar racistanti-vaxx, and misogynistic content.

These would all be relatively tenuous associations, were it not for the fact that RareCandy recently retweeted CoinYeezy supporters as they dogwhistled support for the leftist-parodying rebrand in the days since their slurp juice ape meme went viral — in particular, RareCandy boosted yet another thinly-veiled reactionary NFT gag collection. Taken all together, these threads are all but imperceptible to the average Twitter user, which is more than likely the point.

So if you're still asking yourself "What the fuck?" I would say "Yup, pretty much."

Naturally, the NFT edgelords behind this all are absolutely loving it.

Turns out the 'slurp juice' NFT meme is linked to fascist trolls [Andrew Paul / Input]