On this day in 1967, Muhammad Ali was indicted

I will forever be enamored with Muhammad Ali. When I was a kid and didn't care about boxing, I loved Ali for the plethora of soundbites he produced while selling his bouts. Once I got a little older and realized how much of an influential figure he was during the civil rights movement, my respect deepened. Now that I'm a boxing fan and a Muslim, my appreciation for Ali practically grows by the day. The man was truly a one of one. 

My favorite moment in Ali's spellbinding life story came from his refusal to fight in Vietnam. It's not only the punk rock nature of his stance but also how intellectually and saliently he constructed all of his points. Despite how masterfully he framed his objections, Uncle Sam wasn't swayed in the least. On this day in 1967, Muhammad Ali was indicted for refusing to fight in the Vietnam war. Ali was later sentenced to five years and barred from boxing for three.