Go out with a bang using this handheld cremation cannon

The Loved One Launcher is a handheld cannon for scattering ashes with great impact. Powered by two CO2 cartridges, it apparently can shoot the powdery remains more than 70 feet into the air. You can even add confetti and streamers to the mix "for a dreamy visual effect, creating a beautiful, joyful scene that sets the perfect tone." It sells for $375.

From Cremation Solutions:

Paying homage to a loved one's life is simple and intimate with what feels almost like a daytime fireworks display in their honor. The Launcher should not be aimed at any structure or living thing as its blast is powerful. It should only be handled and operated by an adult. Avoid shooting into oncoming wind (downwind or in still air only) and note that it will take two shots to disperse all the ashes of an average adult. More shots if more confetti is desired.  

Your results and coverage will vary depending on contents of cannon, and wind conditions, if any.