Majorie Taylor Greene displays more memory loss, this time about her love for Qanon

There is a possibility that Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has earlyonset dementia. After saying she couldn't remember text messages while under oath at a hearing intended to determine her eligibility to run for Congress, she is now smugly telling a reporter that she never said, "Q is a patriot" or anything else related to Qanon. This is a very strange thing to say, considering that the video of her saying that "Q is a patriot" among other things praising the fascist neoreligious movement is widely available on the internet. Was she not aware of the video of her? Perhaps not, hence the concern about her apparent cognitive decline.

It's possible that she is deliberately lying about what she said in the past in order to make herself seem less crazy in the present. But it's also possible that she genuinely doesn't remember what she said in the past. Either way, it's concerning.