Flight returns to terminal after someone AirDrops plane crash pictures to all aboard

Arsehole(s) of the day award goes to whoever sent plane crash photos to everyone on board a flight about to take off from Ben Gurion Airport in Israel. The panic was such that the pilot decided to summon police and return to the terminal. Though some reporters describe it as a "mystery", it's obvious from passenger statements that the photos were broadcast using AirDrop, and Reuters reports that 9 people have been arrested.

The incident, on the AndoluJet flight that had been due to take off for Istanbul, was not a cyberattack over the Internet, said Ofer Lefler, spokesman for the Israel Airports Authority. The nine suspects, described by police as Israeli citizens and among the passengers, were removed and could be prosecuted for disseminating false information, the authority said. The offence carries a maximum three-year prison term in Israel.

The original report, in Hebrew, is at Kan News.