Pulp Fiction made its debut at Cannes 28 years ago today

Depending on what day you catch me, my favorite movie of all time is either Goodfellas or Pulp Fiction. I know they're both very "film bro" choices, but it can't be helped- I like what I like. Even though I oscillate back and forth between the two flicks, I'll never forget how impactful my first experience with Pulp Fiction was. After every birthday, my father would show me a new movie that he deemed appropriate for my new age bracket. In truth, he was probably itching to show me all of his favorite movies since I sprouted my first tooth but knew he had to pace himself. 

A week after my 15th birthday, my dad unveiled Pulp Fiction, and my life changed forever. After watching it for the first time on DVD—my goodness, I'm old—I sprinted upstairs and watched it again. In fact, I spent the whole weekend barricaded in my room, consuming every special feature and commentary track available. Pulp Fiction was the movie that turned me into a cinephile. 

Twenty-eight years ago today, the world got its first taste of Tarantino on his A-game, as Pulp Fiction made its debut at Cannes. Even though I love Reservoir DogsPulp Fiction, in my opinion, is the moment where Tarantino emerged as the confident auteur we know today.