Avoid major A/C repair costs with this service.

Costly repairs vital to your home's function can surprise you, and being unprepared for them can be really difficult to come back from financially. So when 45% of homeowners underestimate the cost of home maintenance, it's worth looking at your own approach to maintenance, monitoring, and preparing to ensure that you're not vulnerable to an unexpected bill. This is especially true when you're getting on your feet professionally

One of the areas of homeownership that can be the most costly is HVAC repairs, and that's because many major, expensive issues develop and go unnoticed over time. Who has the capacity or knowledge to check an A/C system for errors regularly, anyhow? Today there's support from SmartAC.com that makes HVAC monitoring affordable and easy. 

Technology helps us do things that used to be outside of our control. For example, security cameras at homes have helped reduce the number of stolen packages. Apps allow us to set climate controls in our homes from across the country. So, it makes sense that HVAC maintenance and service should elevate with the times too. Avoid wasting money on preventable heating and air conditioning problems with your SmartAC.com membership

After signing up, you will get a self-install kit that will oversee the daily performance of your HVAC system. Designed to alert users about issues that need fixing before they grow more costly and difficult to repair, this SmartAC.com kit is only one of many membership perks. In addition to predicting, catching, and detecting problems, your kit can also track your air filter health percentage and help you save on home insurance. Members also gain access to certified SmartAC.com service providers to address problems once they've been flagged. 

All of this combines to help SmartAC.com maintain stellar reviews, including an average rating of 5/5 stars in the App Store. It's loved by technicians and homeowners alike, including Phillip, who saved over $6,000 after being alerted to a basic maintenance issue and wrote on SmartAC.com, "I'll be a customer for life!" 
Sign up for a membership with SmartAC.com for just $49 per hardware kit and $8/month.