"Baked Alaska" wrecks his Jan 6 plea deal by stupidly saying he's innocent

Tim "Baked Alaska" Gionet, who stormed the Capitol on Jan 6, can't make a good decision to save his life. This is the gentleman who thought it was a good idea to livestream himself (first clip below) once he was inside the Capitol building, which most certainly helped lead to his arrest 10 days later. Cut to yesterday, when he showed up at his plea hearing, only to state that he was innocent rather than guilty.

When Judge Emmet G. Sullivan asked Alaska-born Gionet if he was pleading guilty, according to NBC News, the former Buzzfeed video producer-turned-MAGA extremist replied, "I wanted to go to trial, but the prosecutors [said] if I [went] to trial, they would put a felony on me, so I think this is probably the better route … I believe I'm innocent … but they're saying if I go to trial they're going to hit me with a felony." Oops.

Now the self-sabotaging gentleman, who bullies restaurant workers with slurs in his spare time (see bottom clip below), has a trial date set for March 2023.