Espresso consumption linked to increased cholesterol

As a 4-espresso-shots-per-day person, I don't take kindly to the results of a study from Norway that found "consumption of 3–5 cups of espresso daily was significantly associated with increased serum total cholesterol.

From the Neo.Life newsletter:

A population-based study of 21,083 male and female coffee drinkers in Northern Norway, all 40 years old or older, has found an association between espresso consumption and serum total cholesterol. Taken from self-assessments collected in the Tromsø Study in Northern Norway, the study compared espresso drinkers to people who drank coffee made in plunger carafes versus filtered pour-over machines versus people who drink instant coffee. The most important finding, according to researchers at the Arctic University of Norway who conducted the study, was that espresso consumption was significantly associated with increased serum total cholesterol—though they write that further research on the association between espresso and serum cholesterol is needed to inform actual recommendations regarding coffee consumption.