Footage of out-of-control Tesla flying into Greater Columbus Convention Center

In this security footage, a Tesla driver runs a red and launches into the Greater Columbus Convention Center at 70 MPH. Even with high-definition cameras, all you see is a blur plunge into the building, leaving glass and other debris strewn across the forecourt. Inside, a post immediately halts what could have been an internal path of destruction. The driver was reportedly in stable condition after the crash and was cited for failing to control the vehicle.

This may be interpreted as an anti-Tesla post, but the crash doesn't seem to have anything to do with its self-driving features. That said, I am looking forward to when a 4.5-ton electric Hummer demolishes a mall and turns into a three-day lithium fire.

According to police, the driver said he lost control of his brakes on state Route 315 and exited onto Neil Avenue, but maintained a speed of 70 mph. The video shows the Tesla hitting a curb and going airborne through the center's glass doors. Another camera from inside the building shows the vehicle driving through the doors, hitting a pillar and stopping.