Here's a trailer for the new Resident Evil series

For as awesome as the Resident Evil games are, the media surrounding the franchise has been abysmal. The Resident Evil movies from the early 2000s starring Mila Jovovich – which are as silly and over the top as the Fast and Furious franchise from the same era- bear only a slight resemblance to the video games. Once the film series came to an end, fans of the games prayed that Hollywood would take another stab at the zombie series in the future. 

With The Walking Dead mercifully ending its run this year, Netflix decided to strike while the iron is hot and released a trailer for its upcoming Resident Evil series. Despite looking more polished than the original films, the new Resident Evil still doesn't feel tonally consistent with the games. If you want to see how the new series compares to the classic video games, check out the trailer linked above.