Man has a heart attack while burying a woman he murdered

YouTube is home to more great content than is humanly possible to consume. Aside from all of the clips from "real" television shows and movies, the website is a treasure trove of original content and compilations. Whenever I get the itch, which is often, I love binging the "instant karma compilations" that populate YouTube. There's something comforting about watching fate avenge a wronged party seconds after they've been slighted.

One of the greatest stories of instant karma I've ever heard just came out of South Carolina, where a man had a heart attack while burying a woman he had just murdered. Typically in any murder case, the authorities place spouses at the top of the suspect list, and Joseph McKinnon—the murderer—shows why the practice is so common. McKinnon, who lived with the victim—Patricia Ruth Dent—was found collapsed near the hastily made grave he dug to conceal the evidence.

Investigators in South Carolina have made a breakthrough in an unusual homicide case involving a man who they believe killed a woman in his backyard — then suffered a heart attack and died as he attempted to bury her.

Local sheriff's deputies and paramedics say they were initially called to the house in Trenton, S.C., after receiving a report of an unresponsive man lying in his yard. When they arrived at the scene, they found the collapsed body of Joseph McKinnon, 60. Also nearby: the body of Patricia Ruth Dent, 65, wrapped in trash bags, lying in a freshly dug pit.

"Evidence gathered at the scene, along with statements from witnesses aided investigators to build a timeline, leading us to believe that Mr. McKinnon attacked Ms. Dent while inside their home," Sheriff Jody Rowland and Coroner David Burnett of Edgefield County said in a joint statement sent to NPR.

You know what they say, "instant karma is going to get you."