Oscar Isaac is kickstarting a new graphic novel

Fresh off of Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac is apparently working on a new graphic novel for Legendary Entertainment. Officially, Head Wounds: Sparrow is "developed by" Oscar Isaac and Jason Spire, although the actual story is credited to Robert Johnson (who also gets "created by" credits). and John Alvey. Writing credits going to Brian Buccellato and art by Christian Ward.

That's the kind of weird and confusing creative attribution that only Hollywood could get behind. That all says to me that this is one of those proof-of-concept comics, specifically designed so it can get picked up and turned into a movie. Which is probably also why they're running a Kickstarter campaign to promote the book. At least the synopsis sounds like it'll make a decent supernatural thriller flick:

No one would call Leo a good person – much less a good cop. But when his best friend is shot in front of him, he wakes up with a hole in his ownhead that only he can see, and a host of mysterious strangers calling on him for action.

Most people go about their daily lives ignoring or unable to see the divine battle for Good and Evil raging around them, but it has just become very very real for Leo. As angels and demons vie for the fate of humanity, he must choose a side or risk seeing everyone and everything he has ever known destroyed as the stakes get higher and higher.

As Leo sees the true faces of the people around him he must decide – will he do what's best for him alone, or follow a higher purpose?

Head Wounds: Sparrow – a new graphic novel from Oscar Isaac