San Francisco's 'Bay to Breakers' run fails to acknowledge non-binary runners

I was unaware that any folks can win prizes or recognition for "winning" the drunken free-for-brawl across San Francisco that is Bay to Breakers, however, it appears such treasured recognition is only for people who identify as a Male or Female.

How very, very un-San Francisco — however, through this SF Gate article I also learned Bay to Breakers is owned/run by a North Carolina events group.

SF Gate:

"It's just really, really sad that something that's so fun and so exciting — so San Francisco," they told SFGATE in an interview, "that the love and the inclusivity and the joy could be stifled or taken away from a specific type of person and people like me. It's really a shame."

They're just one of the nonbinary runners who are eligible to compete in a nonbinary category — but ineligible to receive awards, a decision that they say feels like a halfhearted campaign of "performative inclusivity."

Charlie Mercer, the CEO of the Raleigh, North Carolina-based Capstone Event Group — the organization that holds Bay to Breakers — confirmed to SFGATE that Bay to Breakers will not be offering awards to nonbinary people for this race. On its website, the 110-year-old footrace states that both overall awards and the age group awards will only be presented to the top three male and female runners of each group.